The basics already uses the weapons from the United States – BellingCat

Азов уже использует оружие из США - BellingCat

American weapon uses the Azov regiment

According to the expert BellingCat, American weapons in Ukraine since July of 2017.

Ukrainian troops in the Donbass has already received lethal weapons from the United States. About this in his Twitter said the lead researcher of the project, BellingCat on Eastern Europe and Eurasia Aric Toler.

“A lot of noise around the official consent of the government of the United States for selling anti-tank missile systems Javelin to Ukraine, but on the front line in the Donbass, battalion Azov has already made in the USA lethal weapons”, – stated in the message.

There’s a lot of noise around the U. S. approving Javelin sales to Ukraine, but there are *already* American-made lethal weapons on the front lines of the Donbas with the Azov Battalion. New #MinskMonitor coming soon.

— Aric Toler (@AricToler) 8 January 2018 R.

Toler noted that we are talking about the grenade launcher, which was definitely at the fighters of Azov in July 2017.

Recall from Texas company AirTronic USA, getting a license, supplies to Ukraine grenade launchers.