The basics of a suspect in a murder in Mariupol – media

Азов подозревают в убийстве в Мариуполе - СМИ

In a press-service the shelf “Azov” refused to comment on the information and stated that this is another “stuffing and provocation.”

Soldiers of the regiment of special purpose MIA “Azov” may be involved in the murder and beatings of residents of Mariupol, according to local portal “0629”.

In the night from 14 to 15 may in the city occurred a series of crimes. One guy was killed, and two others were injured and were in hospitals.

The man, who wished to remain anonymous, told the portal details of the murder. He stated that the murder involved three soldiers of the regiment “Azov”. According to him, the conflict, the fighters started in the yards behind Cum with young people who had previously sat in the cafe “Wing”.

“Residents of Azov” I suspected one of the guys (Nicholas) that it distributes drugs and began to beat him. However, after that, the soldiers asked him if he knows of other distributors. Nicholas called Daniel, a student of Engineering College. “After that, they poured out of gas cans everyone, even the girls, and went to his car,” says the witness.

Then the guy says that, to his knowledge, “residents of Azov” was summoned to a conversation Daniel somewhere in the Primorsky district, and later he was found dead.

Fighters “Azov” allegedly asked whether it was true that the guy selling the drugs and he said he’s been doing this for two days. “As far as I know the dead were badly mutilated entire body, and Nicholas was in the hospital. He removed part of spleen” – said the source publication.

He also claims that visitors from the nearest Cum café was summoned for questioning by the police.

In a press-service the shelf “Azov” refused to comment on the information and stated that this is another “stuffing and a provocation”, and for clarification, was advised to go to the police.

Head of the National police of Ukraine in Donetsk region Vyacheslav Abroskin said that directly to him came two young men and gave up.

“I wrote a confession about his involvement in the grievous bodily harm to two residents of Mariupol. I can say that at the moment the criminal proceedings are investigating the investigative Department of the police. This means that they currently are not and do not have anything to do with the Armed forces of Ukraine, nor to the National police and the National guard,” – said Abroskin.

The head of the regional Central Directorate of police confirmed that offenders thus allegedly struggled with drug trafficking. Suspects are detained and are in prison.

We will remind, earlier fighters of the Azov suspected in the attack on foreign students in Mariupol.