The battalion Donbass said about the repression in the army

В батальоне Донбасс заявили о репрессиях в армии

APU noticed agitators-propagandists

In the ranks of the armed forces allegedly was preparing a military coup.

The military Prosecutor’s office began checking and searches in the parts of the APU, where are former volunteers. They are accused of attempt of a military coup. This was stated by Deputy commander of the battalion Donbass Anatoly Vinogrodsky.

“One of our company went with the 16th battalion of the APU… And also they are now brought from the front… Came the Military Prosecutor’s office began checking searches, etc. the Main message was – they are introduced in the Armed forces, in order to make a military coup”, – he said in an interview with the Island.

In mid-November adviser to the President Yury Biryukov in Facebook claimed that the Ukrainian army tried to loosen the inside by agitators-propagandists: “the Last 5 days there is an active swinging in the APU. With the use of special equipment, using the “talkers”. Someone quietly delayed, but all and all tracking is difficult.”

Earlier Корреспондент.net reported that on 17 November, Russia has raised the alarm on the army at the borders with Ukraine.