The battle for the scholarship. Whom the state will pay

Битва за стипендии. Кому государство будет платить

In Ukraine debate whether to cancel the scholarship in the universities.

In anticipation of the new school year in Ukraine became a crucial issue of scholarships in the universities.

The authorities plan to revise the system of scholarships starting in 2017.

Students against any renegotiations and termination of scholarships.

This topic has caused in the Ukrainian society a wide-ranging discussion, where not without mentioning the theme of war. understood they were going to do with scholarships.

The issue price

Now in Ukraine to students of universities of III-IV levels of accreditation pay 825 UAH scholarships.

There are also social grants for orphans and children deprived of parental care, and students who in training at the age of from 18 till 23 years remained without parents.

For vocational schools, such payments are 961 UAH, for universities – 1989 hryvnia.

That offer

The Ministry of Finance through the reform of the scholarship wants to ensure more effective use of existing budget funds.

“We will not support a situation where mediocrity is supported and 75% of students receive scholarships just so that they learn. It’s wrong, just funny – we keep all students through better. Therefore, we will support the best and the scholarship Fund will not change,” – said the Deputy Minister of Finance Sergey Marchenko.

Scholarships are offered to be divided into two kinds – social and academic.

Social will be intended for students from families with low income, academic – for those students who show high results in studies.

It will be determined by the family income and what does “high academic performance” – is not clear.

At the moment the grant is paid to all students who pass exams with good grades.

Also for the incentive scholarship can expect students of engineering, science and educational professions, as they are significant problems with the set.

In Minobrazovanija emphasize that the complete cancellation of the scholarships of the question.

Finance Minister Alexander danyluk calls this revision of the system of scholarship payment European practitioners.

Students against

Students are strongly against a revision of the system.

At a press conference, Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Marchenko changes to the system of payments of grants to students, about 10 activists in the process of discussion threw the cake in the Deputy and began shouting slogans against the reduction of expenditures on scholarships.

The voice of the people

In the matter of scholarships for Ukrainian society, traditionally split into two camps.

Some say that 830 hryvnia in any case, a small stipend, to learn without triples is not difficult, if students want to find a job after graduation in any case they should be working already while studying.

Битва за стипендии. Кому государство будет платить


Битва за стипендии. Кому государство будет платить


Битва за стипендии. Кому государство будет платить


Opponents of the changes say that students are so poor, and 830 hryvnia will never be superfluous.

Битва за стипендии. Кому государство будет платить


Битва за стипендии. Кому государство будет платить


Битва за стипендии. Кому государство будет платить