The battle of the five. The main favourites for Euro 2016

Битва пяти. Главные фавориты Евро-2016

French fans hope that their team nothing can prevent to win a major trophy at home

Analysts identify the five unconditional leaders of Euro 2016 — France, Spain, England, Germany and Italy.

They are all traditional favourites of Europe. But the bookies are more likely to give gold while the hostess of the tournament, writes Paul Glumin in №19 of the magazine Correspondent for may 20, 2016.

In July will mark four years since then, as Didier Deschamps was appointed coach of the national team of France hosting Euro 2016.

Today this 47-year-old specialist French fans see as the main Creator of the possible triumph of his team in the tournament.

The formation of the DECHEMA as a player came when he as a captain of the team performed at the world Cup 1998 and Euro 2000. Since then, the French team not won the first places in the Championships of the continent and the planet.

However, his teaching abilities, the ability to pick up the key to the character of any of the star wards many experts recognised hardly probable not the main feature of the DECHEMA-coach.

“Now our team is very bright atmosphere. Haven’t been on. For Deschamps regalia of the player have absolutely no value. He took to the championship only those guys who will “die on the pitch for France,” says Maxime Dupuis, Eurosport analyst France.

France is the clear leader on the chances of winning and the leading European betting companies

France is the clear leader on the chances of winning and the leading European betting companies. So, in BC Paddy Power to win the French in a tournament to put on the factor of 4.5. In addition to team France, consistently highly rated chance for the final triumph of the national teams of Germany (a 4.5 at bookmaker Sky Bet) and Spain (6.0 on the betting exchange Betfair).

If the French are waiting for the long-awaited breakthrough in the tournament and the status of the favorites included in advance, the national team of Spain is considered one of the main contenders for gold in the competition that is called “the law of first night”. The Spaniards — world Champions 2010 European Champions of 2008 and 2012.

And the third favorite Euro — England — many experts seems a kind of “shadow leader” of the coming championship. Very long ago the attack team was not as threatening as today.

The analysts like the betting, and sports and isolated several dark horses who are capable to spring surprises on the fields of France. It is primarily the national teams of Belgium and Croatia.

On the other hand, few people believe in the successful performance of stars of past Championships — teams of Portugal and Sweden. Despite the presence in their composition of superstars of modern football, as Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic respectively.

The correspondent estimates the strength and the chances of teams, which, according to the newspaper, are the main applicants for gold of the European championship.

French revival

When watching the game Steve Mandanda club Marseille — one of the most powerful French national team goalkeepers — sometimes a feeling that this is a man with nerves of titanium.

His colleague Hugo Lloris of Tottenham English too not a miss — had a great season in the English Premier League and is in excellent condition.

This Duo in General and the attack wards Deschamps experts called perhaps the strongest in the last ten years. “Yes, there is someone to choose from, ” said Dupuis. — This line needs to show itself in full power”.

Antoine Griezmann from Atletico Spanish and Olivier Giroud English Arsenal are incredible in their power attacking dual center.

And next to them fighting for the first team forwards are top-tier, as Kingsley Coman from German Bavaria and Dimitri Payet from the English West ham.

In General, for Deschamps the main thing — the interests of the national team, and not the gilding of the names. This is evidenced by the recent scandal, in which a part of the national team for Euro 2016 was a luxury striker Karim Benzema from the Spanish real Madrid and Lyon midfielder Mathieu Valbuena.

In the Internet were excerpts from a home video in which Valbuena having fun with one of their girlfriends.

As they say, what would the child have anything he wants, but surfaced the ugly fact that his partner in the team — Benzema — with the help of the acquaintances from criminal circles allegedly blackmailed Valbuena, demanding a large sum of money for that piquant record did not become public knowledge.

Published by the DECHEMA in a week ago the bid team for Euro 2016 was not a Benzema or Valbuena. Although at least the first widely recognized football analysts, could bring the team much good on the field.

But the psychological stability in the team and discipline is more important for Deschamps.

“I don’t need to teach players to kick the ball or to beat the opponent, ” said Deschamps in March before a friendly match with the Russian national team in preparation for Euro 2016. But I am obliged to create a unified whole. I need like-minded people”.

Maybe Benzema has really had an extraordinary season in Real life and is currently the best French striker. “But the team was never really strong with him” — sums up the decision of the DECHEMA in relation to the kicker Dupuis.

I should add that Deschamps, as, indeed, and other favorites of the championship, with a lucky group — they got not the strongest rivals.

At the preliminary stage, the home team will play with teams from Romania, Albania and Switzerland. It is logical to assume that the French will surely be released in the playoffs of the tournament.

By the time the team finally needs to feel your own power. Deschamps-motivator certainly knows how to inspire men to feats on native fields.

Legendary ex-France defender Marcel Desailly recently expressed the view resource that the current generation of players in the national team stronger than present-LEM which he himself is.

And Desailly, together with partners, have brought their country gold 1998 world Cup and European championship in 2000. Impenetrable in the past on the field, the defender expressed the General opinion of many European experts, what the French are the favorites home of the continental championship.

Thank Madrid court

To world leadership in 2010 and European 2008 and 2012, Spanish national team led by Vicente Del Bosque, 65-year-old football “dinosaur” with a gray mustache and the tired eyes of a plumber.

However, two years ago at the world Cup in Brazil the team of Spain caused a sensation with a minus sign — couldn’t even get out of the group. However, the credit of trust Del Bosque from the national football Federation was so high that an elderly mentor allowed to continue.

Therefore, analysts and fans all over the world are anxious to see how he will prepare his players for the tournament in France.

Today, the team Del Bosque, what happens is that very often breaks the game even for the best, — the change of generations.

So, in 2014 after a disastrous performance of Spain at the world Cup in Brazil, announced the termination of his games for the national team her famous 36-year-old playmaker Xavi. Up to this time the midfielder spent in the tee colors of the Spanish team 133 matches, winning all that is possible at the level of teams. Now Xavi makes his old age, playing for the club al-Sadd in Qatar.

Retired from national team many years a leader of the attack David Villa. 34-year-old striker now toegepaste retired which plays in the North American League for MLS club new York city.

On the site of the former leaders gradually new players are coming. But it’s a painful process, and especially anxious for the attack of the Spaniards.

At the beginning of this week, Del Bosque has announced a preliminary squad for Euro 2016. Many observers were shocked by the absence in the demand of top strikers, Diego Costa English, Chelsea and Fernando Torres of Atletico Madrid. Especially strange not call the last one who has spent an excellent season in his club.

Thus, the application of Del Bosque in the attack was a 35-year veteran Aritz Aduriz from Athletic and rarely fall into the basic structure of the real Lucas Vazquez.

They, as well as Nolito of RC Celta de Vigo and Galician álvaro Morata of Juventus from Italian will be responsible for the attacking aggression of the actual convening of the Spanish ensemble.

Del Bosque decided not to take France and creative playmaker Juan Mata from Manchester United. Another move coach, which these days actively commented on in the European football media and increasingly with a sense of misunderstanding of what is happening.

In the group stage, the Spaniards will play with the teams of the Czech Republic, Turkey and Croatia. And in the qualification round of the playoffs does not seem to command such a easy task.

Spain — one of the favorites of the tournament, no matter what, insist sports commentators. After all, the momentum from the victories of the past years is still very effective. But will not be shocking sensation, if this team breaks down and will hold a lackluster tournament.

Lions of her Majesty

England team in recent years never ceases to disappoint their fans. Consistently having a set of good players, this team constantly shows football, which is hardly adequate to the millions of euros and pounds, which are estimated in the contracts of guys in t-shirts of this team.

However, in a preliminary application of head coach Roy Hodgson were among other guys like Harry Kane from Tottenham in London and Jamie Vardy of Leicester city. The last phenomenon has become one of the main sensations of the season in the English Premier League.

His club, whose victory before the start of the season last August the bookies gave the ratio 5000,1, in the end, early won the title of national champion.

Vardy himself, who several years ago played on polulyubitelsky level in the sixth division and regularly prikladyvala weekends to the bottle, took off in the list of top forwards of the continent.

Kane, in turn, became the best scorer of the season 2015/2016в the English Premier League, забив25 goals in 38 games of the season. But in the shirt of the national team in the ten conducted to date matches, he scored four goals.

A bunch of Vardy and Kane promises to be one of the most vkusnyh Euro 2016. Even if the defense of the British habit of recent years will falter and make silly mistakes, monotipiya able to clean up any blot of partners and bring Angiomyxoma far postkatrina.

The British have, sagrati group three matches against Russia, Wales and Slovakia.68-year-old Hodgson is known that, in spite of age, in soitettaessa builds to sposobnostyami from maksimalnaya arrogance. Posledniyu and his charges are now in excess. The British will certainly be one of the most spectacular bornemouth.

German tank

Germany is traditionally ranked as among the favorites before the start of any UEFA Cup or. A few days ago the head coach of Germans, Joachim löw has named a preliminary squad.

Traditionally powerful midfield, led by Mesuta Ozil of Arsenal and Toni Kroos from real Madrid makes with respect to the “German machine” as they call the German national team.

Forwards Lukas Podolski from Galatasaray Turkish and Thomas Muller from Bayern will tear and throw the opponent — this should be ready for their opponents in the group — the national team of Ukraine, Poland and Northern Ireland.

That is nothing especially dangerous for stormtroopers Loew, experts say. To go with the first place of the group Germany fans just have to.

Although in December 2015, right after the draw of groups for the final tournament, the head coach expressed some concerns about the national team of Ukraine.

“This team with its excellent play on the counterattack is able to deliver us problems,” demonstrated good parenting bundestrainer.

Interestingly, 23 may the German national team going into training camp closed on the basis of Italian in Ascona. And in the beginning of June, the same base will be for a few days a place of preparation and for the team of Ukraine.

June 12 squads Lev and Mikhail Fomenko will meet Lille in the first match of the group stage.

The fleet is on the horizon

Team Italy difficulties much more than its four main competitors, with some of them — non-sporting nature.

“The nightmare is over” — did not hide the relief of head coach Italy Antonio Conte, after learning in mid-may that the Prosecutor’s office cleared him of all accusations of involvement in match-fixing.

Earlier, militiamen tried to prove that the 46-year-old Conte as the head coach of Siena knew in the 2011/2012 season of games for his team with a pre-fixed outcome and did nothing to prevent “dogovornjakah”.

The specialist was threatened with six months imprisonment, but he escaped such a fate. Now, in the words of Conte, the coach can focus on preparing the national team for Euro 2016. And there is no end.

Despite the fact that Italians habitually referred to one of the favorites of the championship, the team from Conte still don’t look balanced. At least spring for a friendly game impression is the game has remained ambivalent. High class masters sometimes showed on the field too large a percentage of defects and wrong decisions.

We can only hope that Conte will have time for the remaining days until the start of the tournament just fixing all the scratches on the case Skaudra Azzurra, or Blue squadron, as they call the Italian national team.

Moreover, an easy walk from the Italians will not. In their group the boys Conte will play with teams from Belgium, Sweden and Ireland.

The Swedes, led by the famous collision with striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a very tough nut to crack. The Belgians, in their current composition. To resist the Italians are European-class performers, which are now in the team of Belgium abundance.

Suffice it to mention in perfect condition Midfielders Kevin de Bruyne from English Manchester city, Eden hazard of Chelsea, as well as forwards romelu Lukaku (Everton of the English and Christian Benteke from Liverpool to realize the complexity of the task that needs to be solved the Italian national team.


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