The beating of students: angels, demons and transparent investigation

Избиение студентов: ангелы, демоны и открытое расследование

In February 2014, we expected that the materials about Ukraine from Yanukovych’s declassified, will be held lustration and crimes against Maidan will be investigated.

In November 2016 we read the news feeds, looking for the facts between mystical messages. We don’t see the real culprits behind the mythical all-powerful characters. The beating of students – an event that needs to investigate for a long time. Instead, we see the “purpose” of the perpetrator from the Minister Avakov and the absence of open society of the investigation.

On the anniversary of Euromaidan officials are competing over who was the greatest angel and who is the worst Evil. The last thing you want to hear the excuse, devoid of logic, to see the PR of the prosecution and not investigation.

As a citizen I am not satisfied with the prosecution of Sergey Levochkin (the demon) and “joined him” Sivkovych from the mouth of Arsen Avakov (still the angel, to put it mildly) that assistance was given the order to disperse the protesters. We must not be conducted on the beads, which scatter before us like confetti – not the occasion. I want investigations, not headlines that shout.

History knows situations where mythology replaced the facts. 1936, Mexico… Leon Trotsky (commander of the now-forgotten events of 1917-1922) publishes the book “the revolution Betrayed. What is the Soviet Union and where is it going?”, where was criticized by the Soviet society. Before the fatal ax blow to Trotsky remained three years. Two years remained before the publication of Stalin’s “Short course history of the CPSU(b)” – this book will become a pattern interpretation of the revolution in the following decades, narrowing the field to interpret the mysteries of history.

The revolution of Dignity, too, has its mysteries. One of them is certainly the night of November 30, 2013. It is the reaction of the authorities raised the largest mass protest – “March of millions”. I would really like to see declassified transcript of MIA that day. The official position of the Ministry of interior makes rational sleep, and the sleep of reason, as we know, breeds monsters. Sure, the archives of the police management are well aware of who gave the orders and who oversaw the crackdown. Only the Ministry of interior does not betray his people. Perhaps the Minister did that everyone would say, the coherence of the collective and is a guarantee of health of the Ministry. Who knows. With the law and the reforms it certainly doesn’t have anything in common.

Vertical Yanukovych was powerful enough. I can’t believe that Klyuyev, Popov, Sivkovych or Lyovochkin took provoked the beating of activists of the Maidan, without the consent of Yanukovych. Not those powers, and not the scale. F. was a harsh man, his ability to work not only with a kind word, but physical abuse was legendary. This is discussed in the book-the investigation into Sonia Koshkina, which attempted to shed light on contemporary events. The reporter interviewed many people, even the son of Yanukovych. Conclusion – most likely, Klyuev and his subordinate Sivkovich were related to the implementation of the order from Bankova – the order of Yanukovych.

Three years is a long time. In 2008, three years after the Orange revolution, has already become clear that the situation is going in the wrong direction. I do not want to say that history repeats itself again. Unfortunately, as a tragedy, not as farce.

Investigation against officials of times of Yanukovych should go. However, they must be made in compliance with procedural rules. And, clearly, they must not be on Facebook and not at the briefings. The Prosecutor General’s office to gather evidence and facts to answer the question and stop “play for blood” of those who consider themselves heroes of the Maidan, and now occupies a comfortable chair. We remember the real heroes.

“Assigning blame” is a negative practice. At least for the reason that it is contested in international courts and creates a precedent, which the criminals then disappear. Recall the case of Yanukovych and his stolen money.

We need an open investigation, the disclosure of factual material and the analysis of who could give the order to disperse Maidan. The game of “angels and demons” is interesting, but it fits belletrista Dan brown, not the Minister of internal Affairs Avakov.

Petro Okhotin

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