The believers pleaded 70% of Ukrainians – poll

Верующими признали себя 70% украинцев – опрос

In Ukraine, 9% of citizens consider themselves atheists.

The level of religiosity of Ukrainians remains high, the believers pleaded 70% of the citizens. This reads the data from the study by the Razumkov Center, reports RBC-Ukraine.

The highest level of religiosity in the West Ukraine – 91% of the population are believers. In the East of Ukraine believers called themselves 56%.

The majority of citizens (65%) consider themselves Orthodox, 30% recognized themselves Greek Catholics.

At the same time, 9% of Ukrainians declared their disbelief, 10% were on the fence between belief and disbelief. Indifference to matters of faith was expressed by 7% of respondents,4 % are undecided on this issue.

The degree of importance of religion in the lives of Ukrainians decreased from 63% to 57%. In the Western regions religion is considered important by 88% of respondents in the East only 33%.

At the same time increased indicator of the importance of education religiosity children from 11% to 18% compared to 2000. Also increased the number of those who were educated at home in a religious spirit – from 31% (in 2000) to 38% (in 2016).

We will remind, earlier it was reported that in the Parliament want to appoint the head of the UOC-MP.

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