The benefits of commercial real estate in the residential complex Olympic Park

Преимущества коммерческой недвижимости в ЖК Olympic Park

The purchase of non-residential premises in the residential complex Olympic Park from the development company Status Group, it is not only the optimal solution, but also a competent investment.

Commercial property is an integral part of the multifunctional residential complex.

The level of infrastructure development of Kyiv in some areas, especially the new, significantly behind long undeveloped parts of the capital, the building housing the territories is very active. Therefore, buyers of apartments infrastructure needed today, not in the long term.

Shops, workshops, a variety of businesses providing services and sale of goods is the point of the first needed for every modern person. Each buyer can now purchase a commercial property in the residential complex “Olympic Park” on favorable conditions and start their own business together with a new building or to expand the representation of the existing business.

“Commercial premises in the new multifunctional residential complex “Olympic Park” are available for buyers at very favorable conditions. If you compare the cost of apartments with the cost of non-residential premises, commercial real estate pays off much faster. Here you can work, relax and conduct business within walking distance to his apartment, which is extremely demanded in residential areas”, – says the head of the Supervisory Board of the company the Builder “Status Group” Andrew Strychalski.

The attractiveness of this residential complex is superior to other buildings of the left Bank of the Dnieper. What are the benefits of the “Olympic Park”?! Let’s start with the fact that the developer is a real estate development company “Status Group”, recognizable in the real estate market high quality and innovative modern approach to their work. So, like other objects of the company “Onlimpik Park” is built with quality materials using modern technologies: monolithic frame house, panoramic Windows, round the clock dispatch service in the house, walking area, closed guarded territory of the complex.

Преимущества коммерческой недвижимости в ЖК Olympic Park



Previously, which details the concept of “Olympic Park” – “a city within a city”, and now let’s talk about the sales and service infrastructure of the complex. In this projected space shopping and offices with display Windows and a ceiling height of 6m, is where buyers can find the option that’s right for your business. Commercial property in the residential complex “Olympic Park” will provide an excellent opportunity to find new clients and gained popularity among residents of the area.

Analysts said the project of this multifunctional complex, one of the most promising for investment. This is primarily linked with growth of the population size, popularity of the neighborhood and the development of transport infrastructure. In turn, the buyers of non-residential premises will receive:

  • High income from the rental of premises.
  • The annual growth of property value in the area.
  • The large demand for infrastructure.
  • Free purpose premises commercial areas.
  • Savings when purchasing in the early stages of construction.

A real estate developer “Status Groups” on your obychai: “Riviera” and “Riviera 2”, “Podol Plaza & residence”, “Status Grad” and “Olympic Park” is developing the infrastructure in parallel with the construction of housing. In all residential complexes in addition to shopping centers, fitness clubs, cafes and medical institutions, and in more complexes under construction, the planned construction of schools and kindergartens.