The best people on the best ogrodnek of your summer

Лучшие люди о лучших агроднях вашего лета

7 and 8 July in Odessa will be held the II international conference of GRAIN UKRAINE. The conference will be performances by the leading specialists of the agricultural business from around the world will rise is extremely topical for Ukraine, the land question, held a number of high-profile entertainment events. We learned at the top 12 participants of the GRAIN UKRAINE, what they think about the main event of the summer grain.

Лучшие люди о лучших агроднях вашего лета

Mr Putin Omeljan, the Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine:

GRAIN UKRAINE – a platform that brings together the heavyweights of the land market and agricultural products from around the world. This field new ideas that will develop into large international projects and will bring the business profit, and state economic development, new technology and power. What GRAIN UKRAINE is supported by the Ministry of infrastructure and Ministry of agrarian policy and food of Ukraine is a symbol of the fact that success is possible only by the concerted teamwork of the agricultural and transport sectors. Reform of the land market will give the transport industry the new questions. And answers we need to seek together, in particular, during the discussions in the framework of GRAIN of UKRAINE”.

Andrey Stavnitser, General Director of TIS, the head of the organizing Committee of the conference GRAIN UKRAINE, Ukraine:
“We’ve worked hard to attract international speakers and show where we are as an agricultural power and where to move. One of our key promises — education, innovation, moving forward. And also important conclusion of contracts for grain transshipment in the next year.”

Sevki acuner, Director of EBRD in Ukraine, UK:
“The EBRD is a major financier of projects of agribusiness in Ukraine. In this respect, our participation in GRAIN UKRAINE 2017 is a logical continuation of our dialogue with regulators and key players in the sector. It is aimed at enhancing the global competitiveness of Ukraine and improvement of its long-term sustainability”.

Лучшие люди о лучших агроднях вашего лета



Ivan Miroshnichenko, people’s Deputy of Ukraine, member of the parliamentary Committee on agrarian policy and land relations:
“GRAIN UKRAINE conference, which found a niche for its diversification: chose the hottest and most relevant topics of the season. The land question – the theme of 2017, which should be solved in order to Ukraine has made a rapid leap forward. Well, there was a conference for players in the agricultural market, which helps to give the acceleration of the forward weighted issues of the land market. Also, on the eve of the new agricultural season, we will be able to discuss the issues of tax changes, the situation with VAT refund status and prospects of agricultural support programs, General condition of the macroeconomic situation. See you at the conference.”

Vladislav Vinyarski, Deputy General Director for strategy and development of the group of companies Ukragrocom, Ukraine:
“I believe that today there is an alternative Global Grain conference GRAIN UKRAINE, which is not inferior to the level of the event, nor the participants, so thanks to the important events of Ukraine has the status of gold Supplier in the global market.”

Sergey Fursa, a Specialist sales of debt securities at Dragon Capital, Ukraine:
“Participation in the conference GRAIN UKRAINE is an opportunity to make a contribution to the education of financial literacy and promote further reform of Ukraine”.

Лучшие люди о лучших агроднях вашего лета



Tamas Benko, Head of trading corn in Europe and Africa at Cargill International SA, Switzerland:
“GRAIN UKRAINE is a unique forum in a sense that focuses specifically on the production, distribution and consumption of grain and considers these aspects at a professional level. In addition, the conference is full of interesting events, allowing to create new business connections, to renew old and to new and valuable ideas for business.”

Damien Plan, Directorate-General EU agriculture and rural development, Belgium:
“Ukraine is a major player on the world grain market and a key trading partner for the EU. Therefore, the participation in the international conference GRAIN UKRAINE 2017 has added value for the European Commission’s DG agriculture and rural development”.

David Hightower, President, The Hightower Report, a co-founder of Chicago Hedge Partners, USA:
“I’ve been on a huge cereal many conferences in my 34 years of work in commodities, and I can say that in 2016 the conference GRAIN UKRAINE in Odessa turned out to be extremely informative and very useful for my business. In addition, given the diversity, level of knowledge and a huge number of participants, I also gained useful contacts and acquaintances. Given the growing global importance of Ukrainian production and export of grain, the strategic geographical location of this conference, I suspect that players from around the world will attend the upcoming events. Due to the GRAIN UKRAINE now have the opportunity to use all the stages from grain production to its exports, given the real situation on the territory of Ukraine”.

Лучшие люди о лучших агроднях вашего лета



Jeffrey Xu, General Manager at Overseas China Investment Limited, China:
“GRAIN UKRAINE not only creates and strengthens business linkages, shares information about the market, but also provides a more complete picture about Ukraine as a growing exporter of grain. More business, more understanding, more peaceful world!”.

Olivier Buje, General Director of Agritel International, France:
“For a short period of GRAIN UKRAINE has received recognition and popularity among many market participants. What is the reason? Why the conference has become so popular? The explanation for this is that it was made with the soul, all very well thought out and planned. We are pleased to participate in this large-scale event this year”.

Cedric Herrmann, Managing partner at EUROP Insurance Brokers, Belgium:
“The perfect initiative is the organization of such event in one of the key regions for agriculture and trade in Ukraine”.

We will remind, GRAIN UKRAINE 2017 is supported by the Ministry of agrarian policy and food of Ukraine and the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine. The conference organizer is a group of terminals “TIS”, the head of the organizing Committee – Mr. Andrey Stavnitser. Special sponsor of the conference GRAIN UKRAINE 2017 – Ag Growth International (AGI), a sponsor of the 2nd day of the conference – RISOIL S. A., the sponsor of the Gala Event Night – GSI, official sponsors – CIS Commodity Inspection Services, Louis Dreyfus Commodities, Capital and Alebor SD Group. Special event partner – Cargill Inc.

The organizing Committee is GRAIN UKRAINE announced the sale of the last 50 tickets to the conference and launched the promotional code “LC”, which allows to significantly save on the cost of the ticket. Now with the code “LC” ticket to the conference you can purchase for 20 000 UAH. and 15 000 UAH. Hurry up to be among the best!

Learn more about the details of the GU 2017, the speakers and the topics of their speeches you can find on the conference website.