The best skater of Ukraine is looking for money to prepare for the Olympics

Лучший фигурист Украины ищет деньги для подготовки к Олимпиаде

Ivan Pavlov

Ivan Pavlov have no place to practice due to repair of ice in Kiev.

Two-time champion of Ukraine, 18-year-old Ivan Pavlov, who won the world championship 25-e a place and has not yet won a place in the Olympics, will have to get a pass for games at Nebelhorn Trophy in German Oberstdorf in September.

Now the main problem for the athlete is the question of the place of training and finding the money for it.

“Now the Federation has such a problem that the previous administration left the debt in the area of 400 thousand hryvnias. The court froze all of her accounts, and she can’t spend the money for athletes, until you pay the debt.

I found myself in a situation when no other funding source except to open the campaign to raise funds on the Internet. We have in Ukraine, none of the skaters didn’t do it, but it is practiced among the European and American athletes. I decided to try,” – said Pavlov in an interview Today.

Skater collects money on the website GoFundMe on training camps abroad. Required from 3.5 thousand euros for 13 days has collected 1137. However, promises to help him with this issue and the Minister of youth and sport Igor Zhdanov.

Лучший фигурист Украины ищет деньги для подготовки к Олимпиаде

“I’ll deal with this situation. We do have problems with ice. Some friends of Euro-2012 in Kiev the piece of Ice was demolished, it is unclear why. Probably, the area badly need. But we do have Select stadium (in the summer there will be scheduled maintenance ice – approx.) and in Brovary. But I still know, what exactly is the problem, will contact the new President of the figure skating Federation of Ukraine Makarov and let him explain to me the situation,” – said Igor Zhdanov.

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