The best way to prolong youthfulness at the cellular level

Назван лучший способ продлить молодость на клеточном уровне

Experts conducted an experiment and found out what type of physical activity helps prolong life.

German scientists from Leipzig University have found the most effective way to extend the life. It is reported EurekAlert.

Experts analyzed the impact of different types of exercise on the body and called the best to prolong life.

In the experiment, was attended by 266 people of young age. They were randomly divided into four groups. For six months one of them was engaged in exercises of endurance, the other high-intensity interval training, and the third weight training, and the fourth did not change their way of life.

Subjects engaged for 45 minutes three times a week, and only 124 of them completed semi-annual experiment. Scientists have learned that the group engaged in exercises of endurance (running, Cycling, swimming), increased the length of telomeres that protect DNA from damage. Strength training was ineffective.

Experts believe that endurance exercise positively affects the levels of nitric oxide in the blood, improves functioning of the cells.

Previously, scientists have found that harmful coffee during pregnancy. The caffeine affects the weight and height of the newborn. Before it was discovered being able to fully regenerate the heart.

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