The bills on the extraction of amber will check for compliance with the European norms, – Irina Gerashchenko

Законопроекты о добыче янтаря проверят на соответствие европейским нормам, - Ирина Геращенко

The bills on the extraction of amber will check for compliance with European standards. This was announced by first Vice-speaker of Verkhovna Rada Irina Gerashchenko in Facebook.

She stated that a workshop was held on the situation with illegal production of amber, which was attended by representatives of all political factions and groups, the environmental Committee and justice, the Ministry of environment and the Ministry of internal Affairs, from the public – members of the Union of jewelers.

“I see three key issues: the need to legalize the production, so people working in a particular law the legal framework; the need to eliminate the barbaric methods of amber extraction, which can destroy the natural environment, environmental issues are a priority; the smuggling of amber, lax response of law enforcement agencies to the destruction of nature and the contraband; restore the natural environment after the barbaric production; solve legal work for people living prey. In the VR the draft law about the amber, which is waiting for its second reading,” said she.

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According to Gerashchenko, to adopt these laws is necessary in parallel with the strengthening of criminal liability for smuggling and illegal production.

“The laws relating to industrial production, must fully comply with the European law, especially regarding protection of the natural environment, in ecology. Agreed: hurry to get to the Ministry of environment bills for examination, apply to the European side, to provide expertise to draft legislation for the mining of amber, in compliance with European standards. Also refer to the Lithuanian and Polish counterparts to provide technical assistance in the examination of these bills,” she added.

We will remind, the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (VRU) Andriy Parubiy instructed to establish working groups for drafting legislation in the industry of amber extraction. Earlier it became known about stabilization in Sarnensky district of Rivne region. This was achieved thanks to the coordinated work of the operational headquarters, which is open from 3 April, and law enforcement officers engaged in combating illegal mining of amber.

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