The blogger showed prices in Donetsk supermarket

Блогер показал цены в донецком супермаркете

Showcase Donetsk supermarket

The range of products is quite diverse.

Ukrainian blogger, Oleksiy Zhuravko showed the prices of different food in one of supermarkets of Donetsk. The corresponding video published on his YouTube channel.

In particular, syrokopchenye sausage is about 500 hryvnia per kilogram. With regards to the vegetable aisle, the pepper is sold for 210 rubles, potatoes – for 17.

Oranges will cost the residents of Donetsk 65 rubles per kilogram, kiwi cost 105 rubles for the same weight. In fish a number of fish sold for 135 rubles, flounder will cost 208 rubles per kilogram.

The price of noodles starts from 40 roubles, is 45 peas, buckwheat – 75 rubles.

On December 22, 100 Russian roubles – approximately 40 USD.

Alcoholic products in the supermarket presents a wide range. You can buy cognac (421 rubles per bottle), champagne for 175 rubles, “Cranberry cognac” for 68 rubles.

As reported Корреспондент.netin the self-proclaimed DNR, the local authorities complain of high prices.

Zakharchenko complains that DNR has no money to pay salaries and pensions