The Boeing 737 lost its status as the best selling aircraft in the world

The decline in sales of the Boeing has contributed to the crisis, which began after two accidents on the 737 MAX.

The Boeing 737 lost the top spot in the ranking of the most sold in the world passenger aircraft. He walked A320, manufactured by the European consortium Airbus. Said this yesterday, the publication Business Insider, citing reports on the sales of ships.

It is noted that in the past 55 years, the Boeing 737 was the best selling aircraft in the world, but at the end of October, it was around the Airbus A320. According to reports, Boeing at that time received an order for 15 of 136 aircraft of the 737, Airbus a – 15 193 liners of family A320.

Over the last few years Airbus has closed the gap with Boeing in terms of sales, especially after presented the latest version A320neo, whose production began earlier Boeing 737 MAX. Thus at the end of 2018, Airbus A320 lagged behind in sales of the Boeing 737 more than 400 aircraft.

The decline in sales of the Boeing has contributed to the crisis, which began in April this year, after the group suspended flights 737 MAX because of two accidents: one liner in October 2018 crashed in Indonesia (died 189), and the other in March of that year, crashed in Ethiopia (killed 157 people). After that, many countries, including Ukraine, has suspended operation of aircraft of this series because of security reasons.

In October it was reported that the Boeing 737 Next Generation have found a new defect – problem with mounting of the wing to the fuselage. He was found in 36 of 686 checked liners. They were banned from flights.

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