The bombardment of the Town: injured pensioner

Обстрел Авдеевки: ранена пенсионерка

The attack happened in the afternoon on Sunday.

In avdeevke of Donetsk region in the shelling injured civilians жительница1949 G. R. this was reported the Deputy head of the national police Vyacheslav Abroskin on his page in Facebook on Sunday, March 19.

According to him, the shelling occurred today at about 15.20. In particular, it was destroyed house on the street Kolosova, 139.

“Avdeevka. 15.20 the militants “DNR” shot the old part of the city. Destroyed house on the street Kolosova, 139. The fire continued. Injured woman, 1949 At the site works investigative team Avdiivka police Department”, – Abroskin wrote.

Recall, in the last day, March 18, units of the separatists 85 times fired at positions of the Ukrainian military in the Donbass injured five soldiers APU.

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