The booth failed a doping test

Буте провалил допинг-тест

Lucian Bute

Former world champion Lucian Bute did not pass the doping test after his recent battle.

Romanian ex-champion Lucian Bute, recently spent his fight against Jack badou, probaly a doping test. Immediately after the battle, at stake which, by the way, stood WBC championship belt, the athletes were sampled for the presence of prohibited substances in the blood.

As shown by the results of the first autopsy, the booth your test is not passed. In particular, in the blood Romanian with a canadian passport, was found Ostarine. This drug helps to increase muscle mass and burning fat. Ostarine was added to the list of prohibited items still in 2008-m to year.

The booth after the announcement of the doping test results showed genuine surprise of the results, and expressed confidence that trial, which will be revealed later, prove his innocence.

“I am very surprised and sorry that my sample gave a positive result. Don’t understand how this could happen, I always passed all the tests. Before my previous battle I was tested 8 times. I’ve never used illegal drugs, and I fully trust my team. In any case, we expect the autopsy samples In, and I am sure that it will show a negative result.”

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