The border guards found a lion cub, who hid among parrots

Пограничники нашли львенка, которого спрятали среди попугаев

Today at the international check point of “black sea commercial port” found a lion cub, who tried to smuggle over the border. According to the State border service of Ukraine. In the car “Fiat”, at the wheel which was the citizen of Turkey, the border guards found 2245 parrots, 4 cats, and lion. In addition to the driver in the cabin were two passengers.

All the animals except the lion, was transported with the necessary documents. It turned out that one of the passengers hid in the Luggage compartment behind the cages with parrots in a sports bag with lion and did not warn passengers.

Young animal about a month old, the passenger tried to smuggle to Turkey.

On this fact informed the veterinary service of the port.

Now the exotic animal was sent to Odessa zoo, a foreigner prosecuted for violation of the law.

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