The border guards took part in “the mannequin mob”

Пограничники приняли участие в "манекен-флешмобе"

The border guards took part in the Mannequin Challenge

In the music video, the guards froze, pretending to mannequins.

The state border service joined the flash mob Mannequin Challenge, reported on page offices in Facebook.

Mannequin Challenge flashmob that has spread online in October of this year. A group of people remains stationary between moves until operator recording. In the flashmob already participated Hillary Clinton, bill gates, De Niro, Tom Hanks, Bon Jovi, bill Clinton, Britney Spears, Adele and others.

“In between meetings, and meetings of heads of departments, on a visit to Lviv border detachment together with a gift bestowed by the leader of the group DZIDZIO Mikhail Khoma (Jiji). From this unexpected visit, at the time of delivery of the gift, all the guards and guests of the squad for a moment “frozen,” – said in the message.

Specially for this event, the border guards found a dog who knows how to stand still.

It is also noted that in the flashmob was attended by the leader of the group DZIDZIO Mikhail Khoma (Jiji), Chairman of gospogransluzhby Viktor Nazarenko, head of the Lviv regional goradministratsii Oleg synyutka and the head of Western regional administration of state frontier service Vladimir Yegorov, as well as the border guards of Lviv detachment.

Also this month in Ukraine and Russia, a wave of “Soviet” flash mobs.