The Boxer Said. A legal matter or political order?

Боксер Шабунин. Законное дело или полит заказ?

What are the charges against well-known activist, and why everyone is talking about it.

The second day of Ukrainian Facebook is discussing the scandal of the activist, head of the Center of counteraction of corruption Vitaly Shabunin.

Shabunina suspected of intentional bodily injury of moderate severity. He slapped blogger Vsevolod Filimonenko.

Opinion about the case against Shabunina divided. Some call him offensive power against the fighters of corruption, others say that the activist simply answer according to the law.

Корреспондент.net collected information about the case against antikorruptsionera.

What happened

In early June Shabunina received a summons to the military enlistment office. The activist claims that since 2000 unfit for service for health reasons.

Action presentation of the agenda Shabunin considers planned by some deputies from the bloc of Petro Poroshenko.

When said came to the Dnieper, the Kiev military registration and enlistment office on summons there he was greeted by Filimonenko.

Vsevolod Filimonenko is represented by the journalist of the edition “voice of the people”. Previously, he was filming commercials, which accused Shabunina of illicit enrichment.

Near military enlistment between them there was a skirmish. First Shabunin hit Filimonenko.

Later Filimonenko sprinkled in the eyes Shabunina from a gas spray, the activist was taken to the hospital.

“Clowning with the barn by Philemon. He received today in the face from me because I insulted my colleague Ustinov. Then everyone could see: Phil fearfully ran away from intercourse and called his lugandonskih “colleague” – “well, protect me!” and then I got the spray and sprayed everyone in the eye, the journalists ” – described Shabunin this story in Facebook.

Shabunin accused Filimonenko run customized campaigns to compromise.

Criminal case

Yesterday it turned out that against Shabunina criminal proceedings are opened.

He is suspected of “intentional bodily injury of medium gravity” citizen Vsevolod Filimonenko, who pretends to be a journalist.

First Shabunina incriminated article on the threat or violence against the journalist, which provides till 5 years of imprisonment. But later reclassified the charges to the article about the intentional infliction of medium-gravity bodily harm – a sanction of up to 3 years in prison.

Law enforcement officers do not found – the journalist Filimonenko, or not. Shabunin does not deny that hit him.

According to investigators, on 8 June 2017 at the Dnieper Kiev military said struck a single blow to the face Filimonenko that “entailed long frustration of health of the latter in the form of closed injuries of the face”.

But this damage did not prevent Filimonov Shabunina to spray gas in my face.


After the ceremony, suspicions Shabunina he was remanded. Dniprovskiy district court of Kiev dismissed the activist under the personal obligation.

Shabunina ordered for two months until 14 October to inform the investigators, the Prosecutor and the court to change the place of residence and work.

During the trial the lawyers Shabunina drew the court’s attention to the fact that the protocols of interrogations of witnesses, who provided prosecutors contain copy-paste.

The text of the conclusion of the expert personal injury Filimonova is inaccurate, and sometimes false facts. Thus, damage to Filimonenko fixed on the left side of the face, although the video shows that said they struck him on the right side. Moreover, as follows from the text of the examination, the paramedics who were hospitalized Vsevolod Filimonenko, revealed no damage and he was transferred to another hospital where he spent 22 days starting from June 9.

The lawyers, citing a forensic report, point to the fact that the damage Filimonenko recorded , only 12 days after the incident – June 20 (and the incident occurred on 8 June).

At the same time, the Prosecutor asked Shabunina a more rigorous measure of restraint for two months not to leave Kiev and come to the investigator at his Beck and call. These claims the court rejected.

The reaction

Representatives of the group of “Euro-optimists” and other social activists called the case Shabunina the offensive power of fighters against corruption.

“The plan of government is simple – having a criminal record, said can not run in the next parliamentary elections… For the full ensemble Poroshenko was not enough political prisoners. It is clear that the ending of this story will be for the President of sad,” – says MP Serhiy Leshchenko.

I agree with him and one more people’s Deputy Viktor Chumak. In his opinion, the government protects the political space from the evil. “Friends, why power of someone to jail? You can simply “suspended” to give time Shabunina, Leshchenko, Nayema, KASKO, Chumak, send Saakashvili to hire bloggers who write that the democratic opposition is bought and impotent,” – said Chumak.

On the other hand, some people say that the Shabunin succumbed to provocation, stabbed a man and now must answer to the law. “In principle, from a legal point of view the crime is. Vitaly succumbed to cheap provocation and did what you wanted him to do. But the worst consequences will not be here. Because no one wants to make him a real victim of the regime – it’s too good PR. Serious consequences can be only if he will continue to be. Then it just diskreditiert finally and he will lose the support of the people. And after this plant is not necessary”, – said the volunteer Vitaly Deynega.

The Chairman of the parliamentary Committee on freedom of speech and information policy, MP from the “popular front” Victoria syumar believes that law enforcement agencies are trying to “sew” a criminal case Shebunino.

“Of course, Filimonenko not a journalist. Of course, he’s not just” caring active citizen “, which deliberately and systematically provoked Shabunina. Of course, Vitaly was “orderly forest”, which many do not like. But these “techs” do a useful thing, and the smart power is required to understand it. All attempts to “sew business” Shebunino – is absurd. At least because its legitimacy in the eyes of the people much more than in power. And “IOS Affairs” so that’s triggered by prepositions is a rake, trample on them – stupidity,” – said the MP.

Syumar said that to any government of selective justice ends badly.

At the same time, her party colleague and head of the Ministry of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov does not agree with this assessment and rejects a selective approach to instituting criminal proceedings in the case Shabunina.

“Well. Once he is “nurse”- then you can peel on any arrogant face! That is before something is said? Help who the “true nurse” and who’s “legitimate” one to take? To understand who has sanitary is right and who is just a bully?”, – said Avakov.