The boy with the transplanted hands have learned to eat and dress

Мальчик с пересаженными руками научился есть и одеваться

Boy Zion with both donor hands

Zion Harvey is the first child who survived the transplant of two hands.

In June 2015, American boy Zion Harvey entered the history of medicine as the first child, who underwent a successful transplant of both hands. And now, two years later, 10-year-old Zion plays baseball.

He can hold a fork and knife, writing pen, and to dress themselves. And recently learned to use a baseball bat.

Zion Harvey admits that he wants to write a letter to the people who gave him their son and to thank them. The doctors are proud of little Zion and say he’s recovering rapidly.

Мальчик с пересаженными руками научился есть и одеваться

Photo: Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

According to them, the child has completely adapted to the received from the donor hands, and now sees them as her own. This is evidenced by the results of neurological tests.

“He now knows how to handle the bat much better and to coordinate their movements, but in addition can clearly write your name, says Dr. Sandra Amaral, which is a group of doctors at Children’s hospital of Philadelphia, who treated the boy. – Also improves the tactile sensation. He could touch the cheek of the mother and feel this touch.”

At the age of two years Zion was seriously ill – he developed an infection and doctors had to amputate both of his arms at the wrist, and both legs below the knee.

The kidneys of the child has not acted, and he was threatened with death from toxemia. At the age of four years, after two years of regular procedures, renal dialysis, Zion had a kidney transplant his mother Patti ray.

It took another four years before he transplanted a new hand from the donor – deceased boy from Baltimore.

Transplant surgery Zion two hands in June 2015, has attracted special attention of specialists. Although it was not the first operation of this kind – the first double hand transplant took place in 1998, Zion became the youngest patient, who was transplanted from both hands.

Patients after transplantation have to a lifetime to take special medication to prevent rejection of transplanted organs.

Мальчик с пересаженными руками научился есть и одеваться

Photo: Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

These drugs can cause severe consequences for the organism, and this means that the transplant is risky and the risk should not outweigh the positive effect from the transplant.

Doctors believe that Zion will have enough courage and determination to overcome all difficulties on his way.

Zion had already taken these drugs after a kidney transplant from the mother, and the doctors who watched him in a year and a half, I became convinced that dual transplantation of the hands will go in his favor, despite the risk of such an operation.

Then it took another three months before we found a suitable donor who possessed the necessary parameters – the size of the hands, skin colour and the same blood group.

The ad hoc group of doctors, which included 10 surgeons did the transplant the new owner of Zion throughout the night and early morning.

The main problem with the operation was to connect all the tiny blood vessels of the hands that feed the extremities of the blood and maintain their viability. And now, two years later, Zion is feeling better.

The doctors say that a particular impression on them produces something like the brain of Zion responds to a new owner, despite the fact that during a very important period of child development from age two to eight years of formation of motor functions of the brain, the hands he was absent.

A leading hospital surgeon, Dr. Scott Levin said, “It is clearly the brain receives and sends signals from the hands. Hands obey the commands of the brain and move. And this fact itself is quite remarkable”.

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