The budget deficit has declined in half

Дефицит бюджета уменьшился в полтора раза

The budget deficit dropped to 21.5 billion hryvnia

Within a month, the budget deficit decreased to UAH 14 billion.

The national Bank claim that reducing the budget deficit in half in the first seven months of 2016. According to the financial regulator, by August, the deficit totaled 21.5 billion, while by the end of June it was reported 35 billion.

So, for seven months, the expenses amounted to 410 billion UAH 650 million, and the income of 389 billion 66 million. Income consists 345,7 billion in tax revenue and 41,47 billion UAH and non – tax.

From the state budget for January-July was spent 135,4 billion UAH on social protection and social security, 70 billion UAH – in national functions, 30,248 billion on defense, 32,964 billion UAH – in the civil order and security, 35,053 billion – on health care, 68,505 billion – to education.

We will note, according to the draft budget for 2016, the projected income and expenditure amount to 595 billion 081 million 135,3 thousand UAH 667 billion 733 million 507,2 thousand UAH respectively.