The budget in March narrowly missed on revenues by 10%

Госбюджет в марте недовыполнен по доходам на 10%

The state budget of Ukraine not fulfilled

The revenues of the state budget of Ukraine in January-March 2019 was lower than expected 4.9%.

The state budget revenues in March 2019 were 85.7 billion hryvnia – 10% less than the planned target. This is evidenced by the data of the State Treasury service.

The General Fund budget received 77,37 billion – the shortfall relative to the plan amounted to 7.4%.

Budget revenues for the three months amounted to UAH 210,5 billion – below the plan by 4.9%.

Revenues of the General Fund budget in January-March amounted to 178.2 billion UAH, which is 8.2% less in comparison with the expected indicator.

Tax revenues in March amounted to 47,533 billion, which is 2.3% less than plan.

At the same time, it is reported that the customs transferred to the state budget in March is 9.6% less than expected – 27,554 billion.

VAT refunds decreased to 12,598 billion UAH in comparison from 13.05 billion in February 2019. In General, the March plan for GFS fell by 5.1%.

The plan was not fulfilled by the SFS in January-March 2019 8.6%.

Recall, the growth of budget revenues in February, almost covered the deficit for January.

The SFS previously reported record revenues of the state budget-2018. Last year the state budget revenues amounted to more than a trillion hryvnia, exceeding figures of the previous year to 170 billion.


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