The Cabinet approved the agreement with the EU at 97 million euros for the financing of decentralization

Кабмин одобрил соглашение с ЕС на 97 млн евро для финансирования децентрализации

The Cabinet of Ministers on 20 April approved the draft Agreement between the Government of Ukraine and the European Commission, acting on behalf of the European Union, on the financing of the “U-LEAD to Europe: Program for Ukraine on empowerment at the local level, accountability and development”.

To sign this agreement the Government has commissioned Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine – Minister of regional development, construction and housing and utilities Gennady Zubko.

The new program, which begins in the framework of this agreement, calculated for four years and is aimed at supporting the reform of local government, decentralization in Ukraine, and also regional development. The total funding for the program is 97 million euros.

It is anticipated that political oversight and coordination of the programme will be implemented by the Ministry through the Central office reforms, in cooperation with the EU, other international donors, Central and local authorities, involved in the decentralization process.

The program has two main components:

  • Strengthening the capacity for implementation of decentralization reforms and regional policies: training for local authorities at all levels, thematic consultations, support of professional education for officers of the Executive authorities, training on project cycle management.
  • The centers of providing administrative services and raise awareness of citizens on local self-government: comprehensive restoration work, provision of equipment for more than 600 TSPAU, training for local staff of AHPC, a campaign to raise awareness.
  • U-LEAD “Program for Ukraine on empowerment at the local level, accountability and development” is implemented in Ukraine by the European Union and its member countries: Germany, Sweden and Poland through German society for international assistance (GIZ) and the Swedish international development Agency (SIDA).

    The formation of the budget of the programme: the EU – EUR 90 million, Germany – 6 million euros, Sweden is 1 million euros.

    Central office reforms under the Ministry of regional development consists of representatives of Central Executive authorities, the EU, the member States of the EU, international organizations, associations of local self-government, leading experts.

    Regional offices of the reforms are created in all regions of Ukraine as a legal entity to support the implementation of local government reform and territorial organization of power, decentralization of authority, reform of the state regional policy.

    In the future Regional offices of the reforms should be the basis for the formation of full-fledged regional development Agencies.

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    As reported in the government action plan to 2016, the key objective of the ongoing reform of decentralization. In particular, by may 1, assumes improvement of instruments for financing regional development through amendments to the Budget code and the law of Ukraine “On fundamentals of state regional policy”.

    Recall, 31 August 2015 people’s deputies of Ukraine 265 votes in the first reading adopted amendments to the Constitution in terms of decentralization. Against the bill was unanimously voted the Radical party and “Batkivshchyna”. Did not support the document, also the majority of deputies from “Samopomoch” 5 members “Block Poroshenko”, 1 – from the “Popular front” and “svobodovets” and DILL. “The opposition bloc” voted unanimously “for”.