The Cabinet cut rate gas to calculate subsidies

Кабмин урезал норму газа для расчета субсидий

Ukrainians cut rules on subsidies

The rate for calculation of benefits when using individual heating will decrease by 21.4%.

Subsidies will be calculated on the basis of norms of gas consumption of 5.5 cubic meters for the heating of 1 sq. m of living space (individual heating) instead of 7 cubic meters, used last season.

The corresponding solution is fixed by government decision No. 317 dated 27 APR.

According to the document, the calculation of subsidies for people that use gas for cooking (in the presence of a gas meter and Central hot water system will use the norm of 4.4 cubic meters per person per month (instead of the earlier norm of 6 cubic meters, a decrease of 26.7%).

In the same conditions but in the absence of centralized hot water and gas water heater, will operate is the norm of 7.1 cubic meters per person (instead of 9 cubic meters, a decrease of 21.1%), in the presence of a gas water heater new standard will be 14 cu m (against the previously existing 18 cubic meters, a reduction of 22.2%).

As reported Корреспондент.netmay 1, increases and establishes a single price for gas for the population and for industry 6 879 UAH per thousand cubic meters.

Thus, the government canceled a preferential price for gas, which operated for private households, and reduced the maximum cost (7200 UAH), which paid the enterprise.

Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman promised that more in Ukraine gas prices will remain unchanged.

Heating with autumn twice more expensive.