The Cabinet decided the fate of PrivatBank – media

Кабмин решил судьбу Приватбанка – СМИ

The Cabinet is preparing to nationalize Privat

The government has already decided on the nationalization of PrivatBank, said one of the members of the Cabinet.

During the evening session of the government in the building of the presidential Administration of Ukraine made a Cabinet decision on the nationalization of PrivatBank. This was announced by the Country on condition of anonymity, one of the members of the government.

“Official press release will be later. At 8: 30 tomorrow morning briefing of the Minister of Finance, where he will tell you all about it,” said the official, abstained from more detailed comments.

We will remind, in October it was reported that PrivatBank can be nationalized in case of failure of the capital increase. The Bank itself has repeatedly stated that the program is doing, but at the same time not agree with the assessments of capitalization, they exhibited the national Bank.

Earlier, the government has changed the procedure for the nationalization of banks, which indicates the nationalization of PrivatBank.

Main investigation Department of the Prosecutor General’s office conducts pre-trial investigation in criminal proceedings on the fact of taking possession of officials PrivatBank funds of the national Bank, earmarked to refinance.

Gontareva did not rule out the nationalization of PrivatBank

The Antimonopoly Committee opened a case against PrivatBank for failure to provide information containing Bank secrecy. The Bank was fined a quarter million.

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