The Cabinet decided to deal with labour migration

Кабмин решил бороться с трудовой миграцией

Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman

The Prime Minister believes that Ukrainians can be employed in the domestic market, but it needs to improve their skills.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Hroisman intends to counteract the outflow from Ukraine labor force. For this, the Cabinet has prepared a number of initiatives for the training of skilled workers. This was during a government meeting on Wednesday 11 April, Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman, reports the Economic truth.

According to him, the request for skilled labour appeared in the domestic market.

“Today in the Ukrainian industry has huge interest of domestic entrepreneurs and foreign investors who today come to Ukraine and build new industries. But the first question that must be addressed is the training of skilled workers,” – said Groisman.

For employment of Ukrainians in the country needed their skills, said the Prime Minister.

“And here the question of higher vocational education come to the fore. We started the modernization of training programs. This program for the second consecutive year running. This year we will allocate 100 million hryvnia,” – said Groisman.

“We have to stop labor migration, we need to create new conditions that people worked in Ukraine. Such conditions began to be created. I think for a month or two it can be done. For a few years to solve the problem that people have begun to return”, – concluded the Prime Minister.

Earlier, American analysts said that Ukraine is waiting for a demographic crisis due to mass migration.

Also, the NBU said that in recent years, the flow of Ukrainian migrants to Poland has increased significantly.


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