The Cabinet failed IMF talks – media

Кабмин провалил переговоры с МВФ - СМИ

The Fund has postponed the allocation of Ukraine of money to adoption by the Parliament of the state budget for the year 2019, in mass media.

The IMF mission left Ukraine on Thursday, September 20. Negotiations on a new program finansowania Stand-by EFF instead of the current, failed. Write about this Ukrainian news, citing a source close to the negotiations.

Despite the fact that official comments from the national Bank and the IMF yet, the publication reports that, according to the new requirement of the Fund, the money Ukraine will not be allocated prior to the adoption by the Parliament of the state budget by 2019. And, as usual, the budget is adopted in December, before the end of the year, getting money is virtually impossible.

In this advance talking about this condition was not. However, the IMF is really planning to obtain guarantees from the government that the draft budget submitted to the Parliament in the first reading will not undergo significant changes prior to adoption in General. In the Parliament, in turn, believed that the budget issue will become relevant in December, during the negotiations about getting the second tranche.

According to the publication, it is not excluded that the meeting of Petro Poroshenko with the leadership of the IMF may go next week during his visit to the United States. At the same time, in the best case, the Memorandum with the IMF will be signed until the end of December. Otherwise, the likelihood of getting money to the March presidential elections will be almost zero. Until April Ukraine will cope with external payments, but then their volume will increase and borrowing will not do.

As for gas prices, they are, according to the newspaper, needs to rise by 23.5% from October. It is not excluded that the final price of gas for households by about 8.5 thousand per thousand cubic meters – the size that will allow you to increase prices without increasing the size of the subsidies included in the state budget.

We will note, Ukraine is the second year expects the fifth tranche of the IMF. The national Bank relies on the decision of the IMF tranche before end of the year.


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