The Cabinet has deprived the grantees the benefits in the payment of utility bills

Кабмин лишил получателей субсидий льгот при оплате услуг ЖКХ

For the period of the grant, the citizens will not receive benefits for housing and utilities and the acquisition of solid fuel and liquefied gas.

This follows from the government decree No. 319 of April 27, reports “Interfax-Ukraine”.

Information about the recipients of subsidies will be supplied by producers (performers) of utility services and entered into the Unified state automated register of persons entitled to benefits.

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In the explanatory note to the resolution says that the new rule should not reduce the level of social protection of the population because subsidies are calculated based on the benefits for payment of services and the amount of required payment for services depends on family income.

Under the new rules, the subsidy will also be assigned to services for the management of the home. Furthermore, the right to receive benefits shall be extended from current 6 months to 12 months, and by the end of the heating season, unused amounts of the subsidies due to economical consumption of energy resources will be returned to the state budget.

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In the explanatory note to the resolution says that to encourage citizens to make efficient use of housing and communal services the unused portion of the grant equivalent to the cost of 100 cubic meters of natural gas or the equivalent of 150 kWh of electricity (in the case of the use of these energy sources for individual heating) will count as service payment, including a mandatory part of the payment of the household for the following periods.

We will remind, on April 27, the Cabinet of Ministers has established at its meeting uniform price for natural gas for all consumers in the amount of 6 thousand UAH 879. The EU delegation in Kiev called the decision important and necessary. “This is an important step towards cost recovery in the energy sector. The tariff increase is part of Ukraine’s commitments under the IMF program, and today it is vital to have a cooperation program with the IMF for the stability of the economy of Ukraine”, – said the representative office.