The Cabinet has determined the transfer of working days in 2018

Кабмин определил перенос рабочих дней в 2018 году

In the spring of Ukrainians are waiting for the four day weekend.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine recommends to note the number of public holidays in 2018, four days off. The order was taken at the Cabinet meeting on Thursday, January 11.

Thus, it is proposed to make the output:

– 8-11 March to celebrate International women’s day;

– April 28-may 1, to celebrate labor Day;

– June 28-July 1 for the celebration of the Constitution;

– From 22 to 25 December for the Christmas celebrations of the Western rite Christians;

– 29 Dec 2018 1 January 2019 to celebrate the New year.

Thus, the Cabinet recommends the transfer of working days:

Friday 9 March Saturday 3 March;

– Monday 30 April to Saturday 5 may;

– Friday 29 June to Saturday 23 June;

– Monday 24 December to Saturday 22 December.

Monday 31 December Saturday 29 December.

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We will remind, Ukrainians for the first time in 2017, said one of the biggest holidays of the Christian world, Christmas in the Gregorian calendar. In the country on December 25 was declared the official day.