The Cabinet has excluded 53 groups of goods the list of dual-use goods

Кабмин исключил 53 группы товаров из перечня товаров двойного назначения

The Cabinet of Ministers approved the deletion of 53 groups of goods the list of dual-use goods. The decision was taken at a government meeting.

Deputy Minister of economic development and trade Maxim Nefedov noted that this in no way restricts the authority of law enforcement agencies in the fight against crime.

“It regulates the mode in customs and brings greater legal certainty in this mode. For example, what goods it may concern. This may relate to portable x-ray machines, endoscopes for doctors, this applies to the portable camera. I emphasize that this applies not only to import but also the export of Ukrainian goods. It facilitates the export from Ukraine, respectively, gives more opportunities for a breakthrough of our domestic industry. The total cost 53 groups of goods are exempt from excessive control and produced in Ukraine, accounting for nearly 1.8 billion dollars. We hope that businesses in these areas will be easier,” said Nefedov.

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