The Cabinet has planned for the coming years, the negotiations on the de-occupation of Donbass and the strengthening of sanctions against Russia

Кабмин запланировал на ближайшие годы переговоры по деоккупации Донбасса и усиление санкций против РФ

The building of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, archival photo

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine plans to 2020 to consolidate the efforts for the international support of Ukraine in countering Russian aggression, and to increase pressure on Russia with the aim of de-occupation of Donbass. This is stated in the medium-term government action plan 2020 published on the website of the Cabinet.

In addition, the document notes the intent to begin international negotiations on de-occupation of Crimea, as well as the development of practical support for Ukraine by NATO.

The government is also planning to protect the information space of Ukraine from the influence of Russia, to neutralize the effects of the information component of such aggression and to realize the objectives for information security of Ukraine.

“Popularization of Ukraine in the world involving information resources of foreign countries aimed at protecting its political, economic and socio-cultural interests and strengthen its national security and territorial integrity; formation of positive image of Ukraine by means of providing objective information about the competitive advantages, strengths, significant achievements of our country on the world stage, the broad prospects of cooperation of the international community with Ukraine; ensure coordination of training and dissemination in the global information space truthful and objective information about Ukraine, in particular its individual regions, as well as increasing tourist and investment attractiveness of Ukraine”, – such items are planned to implement the Cabinet until 2020.

Note, the government also expects that by 2020 the poverty rate in Ukraine reduced by 15%.