The Cabinet intends to regulate the speed of the Internet

Кабмин намерен регламентировать скорость интернета

In Ukraine the cheapest Internet in the world

In the Cabinet you intend to secure legally Internet speed at least 30 Mbit/sec, if it were allocated state funds.

First Vice Prime Minister – Minister of economic development and trade Stepan Kubiv proposes to establish a minimum Internet speed of 30 Mbps, if the infrastructure development and attract public funds. About this he wrote on Facebook on Monday, August 13.

“Change the law, but rather a number of regulations to: to monitor the status of development of broadband Internet access in Ukraine; to legislate that Internet speed may not be less than 30 Mbit/sec, if the development of infrastructure involves state funds,” wrote Stepan Kubiv.

He added that it is also necessary to stimulate private investment in the development of broadband Internet, especially for education institutions, healthcare and social infrastructure.

Kubiv noted that the Ukraine exchanges experience with other countries and seeking ways for cooperation on the development of broadband Internet.

“This, in particular, the member countries of the EU, South Korea, Japan and others. For Example, Israel. There recently spoke about cyber security, the digital agenda for Ukraine and our work on the development of the digital economy,” dobbel Kubiv.

Note, a recent study has shown that Ukraine has the world’s lowest tariffs for the use of the Internet in the world.


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