The Cabinet introduced the mechanism of alienation of immovable property of foreign dipuchrezhdeny Ukraine

Кабмин ввел механизм отчуждения недвижимого имущества иностранных дипучреждений Украины

The government has settled the issue of the use of immovable state property in case of liquidation of the foreign diplomatic institutions of Ukraine or reformatting diplomatic presence in the host state. Appropriate provided by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 19 October, the press service of the government.

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“The government amended the relevant rules of the Procedure for provision of premises of foreign diplomatic institutions. In particular, we introduce a mechanism for the alienation of immovable property, are in use by foreign diplomatic institutions of Ukraine”, – is told in the message.

It is also assumed that the proceeds of sale the funds will be allocated in the state budget of Ukraine.

Note, the Verkhovna Rada propose to increase funding for the foreign Ministry in 2017 by about 1 billion UAH.