The Cabinet of Ministers named the main indicators of the budget-2019

Кабмин назвал основные показатели бюджета-2019

The Cabinet presented the budget for next year

Next year, as the government expects Ukraine’s economy will grow by 3%, while inflation will not exceed 8%.

In 2019, the target growth of GDP of Ukraine amounted to 3%. On Friday, September 14, Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman during the presentation of the draft budget for next year.

However, he admitted that in the future the forecast can be improved.

According to Groisman, the level of inflation in Ukraine in 2019 will be less than 8%.

“In 2019 the inflation rate will be 7.4%, and prices if will grow, but not as fast as before,” he said.

In this case a few days ago, Groisman said that inflation is expected to be less than 10%.

The Prime Minister stated that the budget for 2018 will be made for income and expenses.

“The budget for 2018 will be made and revenues and expenses. The budget of 2019 is also based on complete realism. We have not moved away from those programs that have started to implement several years ago,” he said.

In addition, he added that the budget-2019 will be not only realistic, but will also support the development of the national economy and implementation of necessary changes in the army, education, health, infrastructure.

After the speech, the Cabinet approved the state budget for 2019 and referred it to the Parliament.

Earlier it was reported that in 2019, the government intends to allocate for road works 56 billion.


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