The Cabinet presented Netstrategy waste management

В Кабмине презентовали Нацстратегию обращения с отходами

The building of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, archival photo

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has presented a National strategy for waste management. As the press service of the government, the document was presented by environment Minister Ostap Semerak.

He stressed that the Ukrainian market of waste has long been closed to attract new investment due to the lack of unified national strategy of functioning of this sphere and its opacity. Semerak noted that in Ukraine remains a difficult situation for waste management. In particular, there is no adequate infrastructure for separate collection, sorting and recycling of solid waste.

“As a result, the low level of recycling and, at the same time, the high level of their burial. The absence of a National strategy comprehensive legislative settlement of the situation in the market waste is the biggest obstacle to attracting investment. Investors need an understanding of government policy and future rules of the game,” he said.

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Speaking of the present document, the Minister noted that the strategy aimed at developing a coherent public policy with and integrations of various uncoordinated aspects of the functioning of the market waste.

“The new state policy will be based on the European approach taking into account the Ukrainian realities. Our European partners have welcomed this approach – to start with Strategy, and then legislation and immediate implementation. This approach is consistent with European best practice policy”, – he concluded.

Technical revision of the draft strategy is published on the website of the Ministry of environment.

Earlier it was reported that the Ministry of ecology and natural resources of Ukraine has begun an inventory of landfills in Ukraine. In particular, have developed an interactive map of dumps and landfills.