The Cabinet proposes to give Gostomel loukota

Кабмин предлагает отдать Гостомель лоукостам

Groysman called for the transformation of the airfield in the base of lowcost.

Prime Minister Groysman, predlogit to develop Gostomel airport, making it a base for lowcost. We will remind, now the airport runs as base for the aircraft of Antonov airlines Antonov Airlines.

As the press service of the Cabinet, the proposal was made Prime Minister during spetssoveschaniya development of air communication and negotiation process with low-cost carriers

For bringing Ukraine into the new carriers, particularly lowcost, provides for intensive development of domestic airports – both international and regional are being irrational.

“We stand for common rules (attracting airlines), including lowcost. We have different airports is an airport terminal. Therefore, a need for the program and new rules for attracting airlines,” – said Groisman.

He stressed that the way to attract only airlines in Ukraine’s largest international airport “Borispol” is understandable, but also capital, for example, has two of the airport “Kiev” (Zhulyany) and “Gostomel”, and to develop these harbors are also needed.

Groisman proposed to develop the project documentation development of the airport “Gostomel” determining the costs of all necessary works.

“Now we have to make a decision that will allow us to solve a lot of issues, including the abolition of all monopolies in “Borispol”, attracting new airlines and lowering the cost of tickets for our passengers”, – said the Prime Minister.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the airport “Kiev” has suspended negotiations with Locosto Ryanair.

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