The Cabinet should sound, how it will overlap the budget deficit-2017 – Belotserkovets

Кабмин должен озвучить, как будет перекрываться дефицит бюджета-2017, - Белоцерковец

MP Dmitry Belotserkovets in the Studio “112 Ukraine”. 10.11.16

The Cabinet should sound, how it will overlap the budget deficit to 2017. About this in comments to the correspondent channel “112 Ukraine” was declared by the Deputy from BPP Dmitry Belotserkovets.

“Maybe we’ll get somewhere closer to 12 at night to pass a budget… I don’t know how we are going to close the deficit in the budget, but I want to hear it from a Cabinet position,” – said the Deputy.

Note that the draft budget for 2017 in the agenda of Parliament is on today at 16:00, although earlier it was planned that it will consider on Thursday, December 22.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman said that the draft budget must be adopted before December 26.

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We will remind, on October 20 Parliament adopted in first reading the draft state budget for 2017 – or rather, adopted the findings and proposals of people’s deputies to the document.

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