The Cabinet supported the “anti-raider” bill

Кабмин поддержал "антирейдерский" законопроект

The authorities are preparing new “anti-raider” bill

The bill provides for the deprivation of the utility companies the right to register acts.

The government meeting on Wednesday, November 21, supported the “anti-raiding” the bill, which provides for the deprivation of the utility companies the right to register acts.

“We will liquidate communal enterprises that actually perform the functions of registrars and which have the largest number of problems that arise during registration. 90% of complaints which are considered by the Commission and the courts for the forfeiture of property apply to staff of these enterprises”, – said the Minister of justice Pavel Petrenko.

In addition, the draft law proposes to cancel the fee in the amount of not less than 1% of the contract sum to private notaries. The cost of the service is proposed to be determined solely by agreement of the parties. The document also proposes to set an upper bound of the cost of the notary services of public notary offices at the level of 10 thousand tax-free minima.

As noted by the Minister of justice, in 122 regions of Ukraine don’t work on either private or public notaries.

“The first set of questions which are solved by this bill, is the elimination of personnel shortage of state notaries in rural areas”, – said Petrenko.

At the same time, the document contains a proposal to introduce a rule stipulating that the lease in the registry must match the term of the contract.

We will remind, in August, President Petro Poroshenko signed a law aimed at preventing the raiding of lands in Ukraine.


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