The Cabinet will check the quality of the Internet in kindergartens and hospitals

Кабмин проверит качество Интернета в детсадах и больницах

The Cabinet shall verify the quality of the Internet

Goncharuk announced a quality check of the Internet in schools, libraries, hospitals, museums and other facilities.

Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk declared plans of the Cabinet before the end of this year will check the quality of the Internet across all social objects. The Prime Minister said on Monday, December 9, on his page in Facebook.

“In cooperation with all ministries and other Executive government bodies Mentira actively collects information on its official website. Each Agency sends a letter of instruction to the institution under his charge,” wrote Goncharuk.

He also noted that it is still early in Minsitry has launched an online service that allows all its citizens to leave feedback about your current connection to the Internet in schools and at home.

“The connection speed is determined automatically, you just go to the website and to pass a quick test from your computer or smartphone,” – said Goncharuk.

He also noted that the government already has official statistics on the Internet connection of Ukrainian schools. The turn – kindergartens, libraries, hospitals, centers of administrative services, museums, and other facilities. According to him, this will enable effective use of budget funds to connect to broadband to access important community facilities.

According to Goncharuk, modern and high-speed Internet in hospitals, schools or the provision of services will allow Ukrainians to obtain better services, and citizens – to stay in touch with the state and with each other.

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Earlier it was reported that more than six million Ukrainians not covered by the networks of any of the operators of Internet services. And the Minister of digital transformation Mikhail Fedorov said that the level of coverage of Ukrainian Internet reaches 70%.


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