The camp in Berdyansk poisoned children of the Volunteers

В лагере Бердянска отравились дети АТОшников

In the camp poisoned children

The Council argued that the camp was working without permission.

In Berdyansk the camp, where the rest of the 250 children of the Volunteers, there was a mass poisoning. It is reported with reference to parents of children in social networks.

“About 10 minutes ago called soldier, serves with the guys from our city, asked the help of volunteers!!! From the Dnieper took the children of the Volunteers in the camp in Berdyansk… 250 children!!! Almost all children got sick with some strange infection… Lie with loose motions, vomiting.. the camp Administration of children parents does not give and is silent the situation, to hide it all!!! Treatment pills disorders and all!! Parents in shock. At the moment, parents are going to go there for children to pick them up…”, – wrote Natalia Mishchenko.

Accurate data on the number of poisoned children no, but one of the parents said that they do not so much as write.

“I have a child in this camp, I am constantly in touch with him, they have in the squad hurts 6 people!In the camp, only 250 people – the question is-why lie and distort all that sick!?What to sow panic among parents and look for zradu!? My child has been ill a couple of days ago – classic enterovirus, two days were in the infirmary . Camp staff contacted me including the doctor and normally explained the situation. Children can freely pick up, as did some parents…”, – wrote in the review of Jan Butyrina.

On the website of the Berdyansk city Council commented on the information about the poisoning of children and said that the camp was working without permission.

Later, the Director of the Department of health protection of Zaporizhzhya regional state administration Viktoriya Klymenko said that medical assistance to 30 children.

“To date, in prison there were 6 children, but paid for medical care of 30 children, said Victoria Klimenko, – All these 30 children hospitalityat in Berdyansk hospital. The severity of their condition does not require hospitalization, but considering the popularity, you need to conduct a survey. To date, samples of water and flushing of nutrition. Health books was only three of 17 employees of the canteen of the camp.”

According to Victoria Klymenko, the camp worked without permission, but a private company has somehow managed to win the tender for the rehabilitation of children, not having proper documents. In this situation, you would understand the Prosecutor’s office.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that Turkey were more than 700 soldiers.

On graduation in Mexico were poisoned 40 people