The capital Towers has launched the pump room, which didn’t work 6 years

На столичных Теремках запустили бювет, который не работал 6 лет

On the pump room on the street Cheremkhovskoe in Kiev

On the street Cheremkhovskoe in the Goloseevsky district of Kiev resumed the work of the pump room, which didn’t work in 2016. This was announced by Deputy head of Kyiv city state administration Petr Panteleyev, reports a press-service of city administration.

To resume the pump-room it was decided to build a new well at a depth of 285 metres.

“The pump room did not work six years: the problem was in the well and inadequate water quality. We have now built a new well at a depth of 285 metres. This Jurassic aquifer from which water can compete with the water that we consume in the resorts closer to the Western Ukraine. It really is very high quality,” – said the Deputy Chairman of the KSCA.

In just the last two years in Kiev, built 5 new wells at the intersection of Artem and Poltava, Ave of Science, 43, Naumova str., 27, building of Education, 5, Teremkovskaya str, 2. Also in the works to build five more wells on the street of Enthusiasts, 43 and 23, lobanovskogo, St. Cyril, 99, Vernadskogo, 85, nauki Ave., 8. Until the end of the current year plan to build another 8, and in 2017 – 10. Just in Kiev, there were 35 non-working pump rooms. 2020 plan to resume the work of each of them.

Earlier it was reported that in Kiev the pump room will be equipped with special GSM-modules, which in the case of faulty wells are to notify repair crews of KP “Keewadin”.