The case of ex-mayor of Slavyansk will be heard again for the fourth time

Дело экс-мэра Славянска будет слушаться заново в четвертый раз

Ex-mayor of Slavyansk Nelia Shtepa

Neelie Shtepa already nearly three years behind bars.

Board of Kominternovsky regional court of Kharkov, listening to the case against the former mayor Sloviansk Neelie Shtepa, made the decision about his removal. About it reports Interfax-Ukraine with reference to the lawyer eks-mayor Dmitry Marchenko.

“Kominternovskiy district court issued a decision on the withdrawal of the panel of judges that heard the case. Now the case should be re-directed for automatic distribution and then will be heard again – for the fourth time,” – said Marchenko.

According to him, the petition for removal of the panel of judges were filed by the defence after the court of Appeal reversed the trial court’s decision on the return of the indictment to the Prosecutor.

“Kominternovskiy district court on our application, we decided to return the indictment to the Prosecutor to bring it into conformity with the norms of the criminal procedure code. The prosecution appealed against this decision. The court of appeal the appeal is upheld and remitted the case for a new trial, but did not specify what to consider should the new panel of judges. However, the CPC does not allow retrial, the judges, whose decision was overturned by the court of appeal. This was the basis for our petition for disqualification of the court”, – said Marchenko.

As reported Корреспондент.net, Nelia Shtepa was arrested on July 13, 2014. The ex-mayor of Slavyansk accused of committing criminal offenses under part 3 of article 110 (encroachment on territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine, which caused death of people) and part 1 of article 258-3 (creation of terrorist group or organization) of the Criminal code of Ukraine.

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