The case of the Maidan: a meeting for ex-COP delayed

Дело Майдана: заседание по экс-копу отложили

The court adjourned the case for Anatolia Seredinskiy

The court adjourned the proceedings on remand Anatolia Seredinskiy.

Pechersk district court has postponed consideration of the petition of the Prosecutor about election of a measure of restraint to the Deputy chief of Department of preventive work of national police Anatolia Seredinskiy, who is suspected of opposition to the revolution of Dignity. On Monday, October 2, UKRINFORM reported citing the decision of the judge Vitaliy Pianca.

It is noted that at the beginning of the trial the Prosecutor announced the withdrawal of judge Picanco, because, according to the prosecution, the judge is biased, as it is not considered 29 September, the petition for election measures of restraint Seredinskiy.

“The Prosecutor’s office sent to Pechersky regional court the petition for election measures of restraint in form of detention for Anatole Seredinskiy 29 September. Since then it’s been 72 hours and the judge has appointed the consideration of the petition only now, when procedural deadlines have already passed. Therefore, the prosecution believes the judge is biased Pienza and announces his withdrawal,” said the Prosecutor.

In turn lawyers of Seredinskiy objected to satisfaction of this petition. They appealed to the fact that on 29 September has not been detained Seredinskiy, and he appeared in court.

In the end, the judge pisanets decided to defer consideration of the case.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the ex-interior Ministry official Sergei Popov, a suspect in the case of the Maidan, was released under house arrest.

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