The cash register will print out the shadow market of complex equipment, – experts

The coalition “For Deregulating the Economy” December 19 held under the committees of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine rally in support of bill No. 5132 with the slogan “5132 and PPO will lead electronics market out of the shadows”, “Honest business fills the budget, and the smugglers of equipment your pockets!”, “Ukrainian MPs want to buy a smuggled iPhone?” with the requirement for parliamentarians to support the bill of the same name. About it reports a press-service of the organization, transfer “Ukrainian news”.

About 300 protesters gathered this afternoon in front of the main entrance to the building committees of the Verkhovna Rada. They expressed support for the proposal of the Verkhovna Rada Committee of Ukraine on taxation and customs policy on the obligation of entrepreneurs who sell complex equipment that requires warranty repair, use the cash register (PPO).

“In 2017, Ukraine will face a number of serious challenges that call into question her state resistance: geopolitical factors, the possible reduction of external support of Ukraine, reduction of exports, loss of investment attractiveness, – said the Deputy head of the Board of the Coalition “For shadows” Alexander Gromyko. – The combination of these and other factors raises the key question – what resources Ukraine is going to survive in a deepening global crisis? The answer to this question is – Ukraine has internal reserves in the form of shadow economy, which according to estimates of foreign and Ukrainian experts is 50 to 60%”.

Participants of the rally under the Verkhovna Rada Committee said that the record rate increases the size of the shadow market of complex equipment. The catalyst is the fact that Popov first and second groups that sell equipment in shops, at markets and online, created favorable conditions. But use this opportunity to their advantage and the big sellers of complex machinery. They involve tax optimization for tens and in some cases hundreds Popov and through them operate on behalf of one of the store. We have a situation when some groups of goods up to 60% of the market of complex equipment is in the shade: a technique smuggled into, without Declaration, ostensibly for personal use and then sold through sellers, not all of which are honest taxpayers. In fact, after the introduction of the provisions of bill No. 5132 smuggling and grey imports will be meaningless because the cash register will be put on the record sales in this sector of the market.

“The law 5132 significantly complicate life only to those who imports illegal, grey or black product and disconnect the cache feeding their patrons in power. It’s important to separate surviving, thanks to the single tax from abusing them!, – said Dmitry Derevyanko, Director of the Association of producers. – Can we call small business, which sells the iPhone for 30 thousand UAH.? NO! Just unscrupulous big business does not want to pay into the budget and print the FOP-and shamefully concealed from the IRS.”

The rally heard calls for the authorities to pay attention to about what a PPO on household goods is the direct filling of the budget of Ukraine. According to participants, in 2015, the state budget did not get about 15 -20 billion hryvnia because of the black market. These funds now support corruption and could strengthen the country’s statehood. With the introduction of the RRO consumer electronics is not expensive, but the income from the sale using the PPO will be returned to the people in the form of payments from the state budget: pensions, salaries of doctors and teachers, the National police and the armed forces of Ukraine.

The symbol of the contraband on the campaign in support 5132 became a musical instrument – the double bass as a full participant and a synonym of this phenomenon: under the deft hands of virtuoso performer, he answered all the slogans of the protesters, “sad” upon hearing the sad statistics, or poured bass laughter to their demands.

“Today, one of the key problems of Ukraine — smuggling, is the factor that threatens the existence of the state, because there are spinning billions, and perhaps tens of billions of dollars, which does not allow the state to effectively carry out even basic functions, – summed up Alexander Gromyko. – The smuggling scheme, and hit the companies that are doing business “in the white”, ie, pay taxes to the budget.”

The protesters said that today there is a vision, how to solve the issue with the cost of the cash register: as adopted on first reading of the bill lie No. 4117 smartphone or tablet can become a PPO for honest entrepreneurs and issue fiscal receipt. Currently working groups at relevant Committee is discussing the technical details of innovations, the free use of such a program for entrepreneurs and the absence of a monopoly on such a service. The Coalition “For Deregulating the Economy” believe that the complexity of the situation in which Ukraine finds itself, requires radical steps on legalization because of the economic collapse affected all. Thus large and small businesses have a common problem in the form of a powerful fiscal pressure from the state, which contributes to the departure of a large number of entrepreneurs into the shadow. So it makes sense to not only the struggle for detenizatsii economy and developing common positions with large, medium and small business regarding tax policy.

Synopsis: In 2015, the total market volume of household appliances and electronics of Ukraine amounted to over 53 billion hryvnia. The industry is 95% full of imported goods. The draft law “On amendments to the tax code of Ukraine”was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada in the first reading on 6 December 2016. The proposals of the Committee of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on taxation and customs policy require entrepreneurs who sell complex equipment that requires warranty repair, use the cash register (PPO). The concept of “complex technique” according to the decree of Cabinet of Ministers № 506 – a lamps, kettles, partly spare parts for the vehicle, tools, electrosafety, hearing AIDS and much more.

In 2016, the Memorandum of the Coalition “For shadows” was supported by Ukrainian Association of manufacturers, the Association of Ukrainian importers of home Appliances, the Ukrainian fruit company, Ukrainian business Association, Turkish-Ukrainian Union of entrepreneurs and Industrialists, pharmacy professional Association of Ukraine, Association of information technology enterprises of Ukraine. In early December the Coalition through an appeal to the President of Ukraine and heads of all branches of government supported the law on amendments to the Tax code of Ukraine No. 5368.