The cause of death of soldiers, Marinka

Установлена причина гибели бойцов под Марьинкой

The military died as a result of the bursting mines in the trunk

The military Prosecutor’s office claim that two soldiers were killed due to the explosion of the mortar.

The Prosecutor’s office claim that the military Prosecutor’s office of Donetsk garrison is investigating the deaths of two soldiers.

“It is established that on 8 August 2017 at about 4:25 in fighting positions near Marinka Donetsk region as a result of violation by military personnel of a military unit of the rules of gun handling in the response of fire ruptured mines in the barrel of a 120 mm mortar 2С12 “Sleigh”, – stated in the message.

We will remind, in result of incident, two soldiers were killed and five others were injured.

Clarified that the incident is being investigated under part 3 of article 414 of the criminal code (violation of rules for handling weapons, resulting in the death of several persons and caused injuries to several persons).

In a criminal case conducted a number of urgent investigative (search) action. In particular, it was examined the scene, which seized 120 mm mortar 2С12 “Sleigh”.

In addition, the comprehensive ballistic, explosion-technical and examination of safety.

Also installed and examine witnesses and eyewitnesses of incident.

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