The cause of mass plague of bees in Ukraine

Названа причина массового мора пчел в Украине

Ukraine sharply reduced exports of honey in 2018

The results showed that half of the dead bees were poisoned by pesticides from the fields.

The cause of death mass death of bees this summer were the chemicals. On Tuesday, July 31, announced Hlushchenko Volodymyr Lapa, the press service of the Ministry.

“State foods and consumer service handled over 80 samples, and of these 53% had confirmed the presence of chemical substances. The problem is, and it’s complex,” – said Lapa.

According to the service manual on the keeping of bees is outdated (adopted in 2001). It has rules on the height of the fence, color of hives and many others, which are unlikely to correspond to current realities. In the organization assured that at the moment are developing proposals for changes to this document.

Also, according to the head of Gospodarevskaya, we need to simplify the process of obtaining permits and creating a public registry pasik.

According to Paws, at the level of law, it must be determined that the agricultural enterprise must notify the local authorities that it processes fields.

“You need to provide the following information: I will process the fields in this drug, the active ingredient, such territory, distance, period, this method (aerial or tractor). Now the norm and weak framework is able to achieve the goal, which for her was listed. Therefore, we are preparing legislative proposals for additional regulation: what you need to provide and to whom, and if the information is available to local authorities, it should be the duty of officials to inform the registered beekeepers. I hope when we change these orders and instructions, the number of registered apiaries will increase,” – said Lapa.

Earlier it was reported that in several regions this summer have killed more than 18 thousand bee colonies.

In the first half of the year Ukraine reduced the export of honey was 43% – up to 17 thousand tons.


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