The cause of the accident near Kiev could be a marking media

Причиной ДТП под Киевом могла стать разметка - СМИ

On the highway collided with and broke three cars

A large-scale accident near Kiev, which burned alive three people, could happen due to improperly applied markings.

Experts in road safety suggest that the cause of the accident on ctaroobuhovskoy track near Kiev could be that the markup is done in violation of the rules, so drivers difficult to navigate on the narrowing road. On Saturday, July 21, according to TSN.

However, the official cause of the accident, the law enforcers have not yet reported.

It is already known that the accident occurred due to the fact that one touched another car, flew into the oncoming lane, and still there crashed into the third car. Blow was such force that the car exploded, the fire reached several meters in height.

Rescuers arrived about 10 minutes later, however, a man, a woman and two-year-old girl died.

The three victims in the accident was taken to the hospital. Three of the victims were trapped in the car, among them one child.

Two people still remain in hospital.

As reported in a network there was video of a deadly collision.

Recall, 20 July on the road in Zhytomyr region has faced a Shuttle bus and a DAF truck with trailer. 10 people were killed and another 10 injured.


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