The cause of the fire on altufyevskoe highway in Moscow was faulty lamp, – emergency

Причиной пожара на Алтуфьевском шоссе в Москве стал неисправный светильник, - МЧС РФ

The cause of the fire in the industrial area on altufyevskoe highway in Moscow was faulty lamp in one of the rooms of the warehouse. About this informed the head of the Moscow Central Board MOE Ilya Denisov, reports “Interfax”.

“At the moment the cause of the fire is set almost to 100%: it was faulty lamp in one of the premises of the warehouse where there were a lot of flammable liquids and paper products, with the result that the fire spread from the first floor down the Elevator shaft to the room in which there were dead people,” – said Denisov.

He noted that the warehouse was equipped with fire alarms, and at the time of incident she was in good condition.

“In order to get to the room with the dead, the rescuers had to dismantle the wall and dismantling of metal cabinets,” said Denisov.

According to him, died in the fire people – citizens of Kyrgyzstan.

“At the moment it is established that is in a warehouse, people were citizens of Kyrgyzstan, they are in a Customs Union. To discuss the legality of their stay in the territory of the warehouse is not within the competence of EMERCOM”, – he said.

In turn the Embassy of Kyrgyzstan in Russia, told journalists that find out whether the victims of the fire were the citizens of this country. The staff of the diplomatic mission are on the scene, said the Embassy.

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As previously reported, at approximately 08:00 on August 27 in one of the warehouses of the industrial zone on Altufevskoe highway, a fire broke out, killing 17 people.