The cause of the mass death of birds in Ternopil – poisoning

Причина массовой гибели птиц в Тернополе - отравление

Experts admit poisoning gulls with rat poison

In the regional state foods and consumer service said that according to the autopsy the birds were poisoned. The research results will be announced later.

Birds that were found dead near a lake in Ternopil, could be poisoned with rat poison. On Tuesday, November 6, writes Radio Liberty.

As the representative of the regional Gospodarevskaya Natalia’ko, the results of the autopsy, it became known that the birds were poisoned.

“It’s more like a poisoning with rat poison, but the additional studies. Also sent material for study of bird flu,” said GRES’ko.

Additional studies will announce on 7 November.

Chairman of the NGO anti-corruption and environmental monitoring of the Rock, Andrey Oblesik said that the deaths of birds at the lake have recorded about two weeks ago, but such mass death has occurred for the first time.

Earlier it was reported that in Kiev the poachers hunted wild ducks.


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