The cause of unhappy marriages

Названа причина несчастных браков

The couple

Children of divorced parents with a high share of probability will not be able to create a strong family.

Cause of divorce and problems in family life is most often “bad genetics”. To such conclusion scientists from the USA and Sweden. Press release published on the website of Virginia Commonwealth University.

Experts analyzed the statistics of divorce in Sweden and found that the couple, whose parents were in several marriages, more often repeat their experience. The cause is not education and not the atmosphere in the house, and genetic predisposition, the researchers note.

The researchers also turned to the marriage records of the respondents, taken from shelters, and found that those repeating the story of the relationship of the biological parents. The experience of a foster family has no significant effect on the frequency of breakups with partners.

“We have proved that genetic factors largely determine the propensity to divorce, which is transmitted from generation to generation,” said one of the authors of the report Jessica Salvador.

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